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How Recipe Works

  1. Ingredient 1 200g
  2. Ingredient 2 60g
  3. Ingredient 3 100g
  4. Ingredient 4 120g

Recipe and Ingredient Stock

Our software has a very innovative Recipe Management System for your food menu, where you can assign which ingredients will be needed for your food menu as well as that's amount or quantity. And when you make a sale those ingredients will be auto deducted from stock.

Innovative Running Order Panel

You know the customers in a restaurant do not act same as in a retail shop. Like they come, take some stuffs and go, they usually sit order, eat, and ask for some more food after completing eating, even they can cancel an item after the order. So to match this practical scenario we built the Running Order feature in POS so when customers order and sit the order goes to Running Order list and then when they order for new item, you can add that to that order, if they cancel an item, you can do that, even if they change table, you can do that too. And finally you will print the receipt when they leave. In the mean time you can print a bill for them too, to show how much they need to pay.

Powerful Point-Of-Sale

We have a very powerful point of sale where you will find Running Order feature as mentioned before. And more features such as Searching and Filtering: Search by Item Name or Code, Filter Beverage Item or Vegetarian Item easily, filter by category etc. Moreover you will get notification when an item is ready cooking in kitchen. You can make quick invoice for faster serve, you can see how many items are ready in the kitchen and how many are remaining when the customer asks, you can print bill, KOT and BOT. You can add new items when customer asks while eating. Other than these you are getting all other common features like draft sales, print last invoice, see latest invoice list etc. You can also run the POS in full screen mode as well.

Waste Tracking

It is common in a restaurant that sometime the ingredients get perished or wasted, even foods too. But those have value in money right? So our system helps you to track those waste and helps you to calculate the loss for those wastes as well.

Kitchen, Bar, Waiter Panel

In case your chef is a smart guy to operate a tablet, we have a kitchen panel feature where the chef can see all items to prepare when an order is placed. He can also change status of an item that it is being cooked. So that cashier can tell the customer that his item is under cooking. Then the chef can mark item as done. And cashier will get notified in his POS screen. Even the waiter will also get a notification when an item will be done so that he can collect the item and serve. Not even the Kitchen Panel only, we have Bar Panel too, so that when you place an order all kitchen item will go to kitchen panel and all bar item will go to bar panel automatically.


Our tax configuration is another innovation too. In this setup you can configure any of your tax types. You can setup all of your applicable taxes with their percentages. And then when you will add an item all tax fields with their values will be populated but if there is any change in percentage of tax in any item you can change those easily, and that will be applicable in invoice.

Attendance Tracking

Not a big thing, it is common that you will need to track your employee's attendances. You can do that in our system.

CRM Facility

In our system you can collect Date of Birth, Date of Anniversary etc of a customer and as there is SMS gateway is integrated within the system so you can send a wish to their Birthday or Anniversary, or you may be able to make special offer for their special day. If you can do this, for sure they will keep your restaurant in their mind whenever they want to have a dinner.

Multiple User and Access Control

You can have multiple users and control their access to the system as this is a common feature of any system.

Optimize Operation

When you place an order, that will directly been popped up in the kitchen panel, when the item is ready your POS will show notification, your waiter will also get notified. You can even generate a kitchen performance report to know that how much time they are taking to make food. And also when a customer asks that what is the status of his food or how long his food will take to come to the table, you can simply check that from the POS screen. In these ways you can optimizes lot of interactions between your staffs that may reduce unnecessary waste of time. And overseeing kitchen performance report you will have more control to improve kitchen performance.

Text and Item Modifier

When ordering a food people usually makes two types of notes, some additional small items like toppings e.g.: additional salad or sauce those may include additional price too. Our system supports this facility. Even those additional toppings may have ingredient consumptions too those needs to be deducted from stock when sale, no worry our system gives that facility. And another is customer may provides additional instruction to prepare food like: less sugar, more pepper etc. In our system you can do that.

Pre and Post Payment Support

Some restaurant takes payment after eating and some restaurants take payment when ordering, our system supports both cases means both types of restaurants.

Supplier and Customer Due Tracking

You may purchase from supplier with due and pay later. You can do that; even you can check that how much you have to pay for each supplier. You can also do that for customers too.

Expense Tracking

Your restaurants may have many types of expenses than purchasing ingredients; you can track those by category.

Reports, Analytics & Dashboard

Our system provides lot of reports, analytics and Business Intelligence Dashboard that will help you to oversee the business and take decision quickly.

Customer Review

See how our customers from many region is happyly using our software and sends their valuable feedback.








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Ion Eats - Next Gen Restaurant POS is a complete solution for a restaurant where you will get Recipe Management, Stock Auto Deduct by Recipe on Sale, Powerful POS, Kitchen/Bar/Waiter Panel, CRM, SMS, Veg & Bar Item Filter.

Please check our valuable feature list, you will get a clear idea about our software. Moreover you can signup and play with this software for some trial days to get more clear understanding.

Yes you do have for uninterrupted operation. But we also take cash payment too.

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Our system is 99% secured from any type of security vulnerability. It is strongly protected from any kind of web attack like: XSS, SQL Injection, CSRF, Session Fixation, Session Hijacking, Insecure File Upload, Insecure Data Transfer. So you may rely on our system with full trust.

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